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Automated Solutions


If your business needs a more advanced method of warehouse operation that involves automation, Atlas Toyota’s warehouse engineers are the ideal consultant for planning the execution of your next project. Partnering with Bastian Solutions, a leader in the warehouse automation industry, our team can tackle even the most customized business automation needs.

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    Conveyor Solutions

    Discover efficiency through automatic conveyor technology. See the benefits of merging existing warehouse operations with conveyor solutions from Atlas Toyota to reduce manual touch-points and drive accuracy.

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    Industrial Robotics & Palletizing

    Increase accuracy and efficiency of repetitive tasks with custom built robotics that can be programed for unique uses.

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    Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

    Optimize storage space and increase throughput with a custom solution known as AS/RS. Easily integrate current warehouse functions while saving on time and labor. 

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    Automated Vehicles

    Automate countless warehouse operations with the help of AGVs & AMRs to increase productivity.

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    Supply Chain Software

    Coordinate automated tasks and keep track of operations through data with fully integrated warehouse software systems.

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    Customized Controls

    Integrate machines, networks and hardware through full-service options like custom control panels – built with your operation in mind.

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    Solution Support & Service

    Rely on 24/7 service support to quickly solve critical issues and maintain efficiency.

Partnering with Bastian Solutions

Bastian is a leading provider of systems integration focusing on equipping a broad range of industries with automated material handling technologies.

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