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Industrial Robotics & Palletizing

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What is Palletizing / De-palletizing?

Palletizing is the process of organizing products or items onto a pallet for shipping. De-palletizing is the process of removing items on a pallet when a shipment is received.


As product fulfillment demands increase and shipment time expectations decrease, warehouses are looking to automated solutions to meet their logistical and warehousing challenges. Robotic palletizing offers an exceptionally custom solution that allows pallets to be assembled or disassembled by case, layer, bag and mixed SKUs.

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Types of Robotic Palletiziation

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    Case Handling

    • Handles full cases of product
    • Improves cycle times
    • Decreases handling errors
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    Row Handling

    • Handles complete rows of product cases
    • Reduces manual labor
    • Able to create custom pallet layouts
  • Robotics-03

    Full Layer Handling

    • Transports full layer of pallet-ready product
    • Optimal efficiency
    • Low maintenance
    • Increases throughput & product visability
  • Robotics-04

    Mixed Product Depalletizing

    • Moves varied product assortment by layer
    • Utilizes AI vision system
    • Increases uptime & reliability

Robotics for Packing & Order Processing

Implementing custom robotics solutions at the individual product level, programmable robotic arms are able to execute tasks that require high repetition and accuracy. Increasing employee ergonomics and uptime, this automated solution is a high-impact tool for warehouse efficiency in a variety of industries. 

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Questions About Systems & Warehouse Storage?

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