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Automated Vehicles: AGVs & AMRs

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    What is an AGV?

    AGV stands for “automated guided vehicle” which is a type of UGV (unmanned guided vehicle). They operate on predefined routes guided by wires, magnetic strips, or sensors and require extensive installation, which can be costly and disruptive to production. AGVs have minimal onboard intelligence and can only follow simple programming instructions. They can detect obstacles but cannot navigate around them, so they stop until the obstacle is removed. Changing the fixed routes for AGVs involves additional costs and disruptions.

    • Uses a programed map (line-guided navigation)
    • Stops for obstacles
    • No artificial intelligence
    • Very reliable performance / very safe
    • Not very flexible for scaling operations
    • Warehouse installation requires high level of planning & possible construction
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    What is an AMR?

    AMR stands for “autonomous mobile robot and are another type of unmanned guided vehicle (UGV). AMRs are equipped with intelligent navigation capabilities like cameras, sensors, and laser scanners along with sophisticated software to construct maps and navigate autonomously. Unlike AGVs, AMRs do not rely on fixed routes. They can detect obstacles and safely maneuver around them by choosing the best alternative route ensuring that the material flow remains uninterrupted. Their intelligent navigation makes them a preferred choice for dynamic environments.

    • Uses fully autonomous navigation
    • Goes around obstacles
    • Uses artificial intelligence
    • Performance can be difficult to predict
    • Very flexible for scaling operations
    • Higher acquisition cost, no additional construction necessary

Should I Implement AMRs or AGVs?

When deciding between AMRs and AGVs to improve your operations, it is important to consider the specific needs of your application. 

If you need a mobile solution that is flexible and can easily adapt to changes in your facility, then an AMR is likely the better choice. If you are looking for a more traditional solution that can be used in a simple environment, then an AGV may be a better fit. Atlas Toyota can partner with you to discover what is best for you and your operation.

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