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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

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The Benefits of Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

There are dozens of industries that benefit greatly from updating their storage and retrieval to an automated process. Some of these benefits include:

      • Maximum storage space utilization
      • Most accurate real-time inventory tracking
      • Greatly reduced product damage
      • Increased throughput
      • Provides safer work environment
      • Easy installation & maintainance
      • Integrates easily with other systems
      • Accommodates loads of all sizes & weights
      • Flexible & fully customizable 

    When to Consider Upgrading to an ASRS Solution

    Companies often explore higher-cost solutions before they begin investigating the impact of an ASRS solution for their warehouse. With industrial competition rising quickly, it is important to capitalize on upgrading your warehouse capabilities as swiftly as possible. These are some key indicators that you should consider an ASRS solution:

    1. You require secure & precise product handling
    2. Your warehouse is crowded & in need of reorganization
    3. You need more capacity for storage
    4. You require a fast solution

    Some secondary indicators of benefitting from an ASRS solution are: 

    • Your facility stores product from overseas
    • You are running 2 or more employee shifts
    • Your operation requires a holding period
    • Your operation requires extreme conditions

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