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Warehouse Rack Protection & Repair

Protect Your Investment With Pallet Rack Protection

Preventing costly mishaps in your warehouse does not have to be complicated. Putting employee safety first and planning ahead to secure warehoused inventory and rack structures allows for peace of mind and smoother operation.

One of the most vulnerable elements of a warehouse system are the rack posts. Because of their potential to be struck by moving forklifts and equipment, post can be damaged easily and require a lot of money to repair.

Atlas Toyota offers a variety of post protection methods to help prevent future structural damage. Some of the most popular styles are below.

  • RackProtection-BoltDown-PostGuard

    Bolt-Down Rack Guard

    Many heights available

  • RackProtection-BoltOn-PostGuard

    Bolt-On Rack Guard

    • Flush mount
    • Easy Installation
  • RackProtection-MaxDuty-PostGuard

    Maximum Duty Rack Guard

    • Flush mount
    • Bolted to floor and/or beam
  • RackProtection-RoundNose-PostGuard (1)

    Round Nose Rack Guard

    • Left, right or double entry
    • Many lengths available


Another way to approach rack post protection is with end-of-aisle warehouse rack guards. These protective devices are typically bolted to the floor or to the rack itself, similar to rack post protectors. They are ideal for use in aisle intersections where there is high traffic and high potential for damage by vehicle.

End-of-aisle rack protectors are made in a variety of configurations and lengths to provide a customized fit for any warehouse rack structure.



One potential option for uninterrupted protection of pallet rack is installing floor angle guides. These devices are easy to install and very cost effective for most traditional rack types.

Available in multiple sizes, floor angle guides are especially ideal for narrow aisle applications where the potential for machinery to make accidental contact with exposed pallet rack is heightened.



Safety risks in the warehouse are not just limited to the ground level. Potentially dangerous situations can occur when forklifts and order pickers accidentally collide with shelved product or pallets give out and collapse. Back-of-racking wire mesh protectors keep product securely placed by attaching directly to the vertical beams on the back of pallet rack.

With this type of storage protection, inventory is still easily visible and ventilated while providing durable support that is long-lasting.



Once a pallet rack has sustained a collision where parts of the structure becomes deformed, or becomes warped over time from repeated contact, the overall integrity of the rack is compromised. Damaged pallet rack can happen over time and is not always noticeably dangerous, but can lead to structural collapse.

Taking the correct measures to repair visibly deformed pallet rack is more costly than prevention, however, there are multiple ways to salvage what you have before committing to a replacement system. There are multiple methods of rack repair, but the safest and most effective are straight leg, slope leg and cantilever leg which can be adhered to existing rack by bolt-on and welded applications. Our rack repair experts can help you decide which option is right for your operation so your warehouse can be hazard-free and OSHA compliant.

  • RackProtection-09

    Straight Leg Pallet Frame Post Repair Kit

    • Double leg
    • High impact deflecting front column
  • RackProtection-08

    Slope Leg Pallet Frame Post Repair Kit

    • Slant leg reduces potential forklift contact
    • Pallet swing area increased
  • RackProtection-09 (1)

    Canitlever Leg Pallet Frame Post Repair Kit

    • Double leg
    • Slant leg reduces potential forklift contact
    • Pallet swing area increased

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