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Pick Modules

Accelerate Case & Each Picking Efficiency

What is a pick module?

In simple terms, this warehouse solution integrates storage racking systems with a variety of conveyors and sometimes automation devices. The goal of this type of storage system is to maximize space while creating a more efficient environment for fulfilling orders through hand picking. Pick modules can range anywhere from simple and straightforward to complex and dynamic. Atlas Toyota is experienced in developing and installing projects with a range of complexity to deliver customized upgrades to fit our customer’s business goals.

A variety of storage types are used together to form a pick module such as conveyor, carton flow / pallet-flow rack, push-back rack, sortation conveyors, automation robotics and industrial shelving. The storage types that are chosen to make up a pick module are carefully chosen based on a number of individual SKUs, cartons as well as identified pick rate goals.

A few of the most commonly used pick modules are:

  • PickModules-01

    Catwalk Mezzanine Pick Module

    This type of pick module is simple and great for small order fulfillment. The catwalk mezzanine between shelving levels allows warehouse staff to access individual products and case packs directly without the need of a forklift to move an entire pallet. Though more efficient than a traditional shelving system, warehouse staff must still unload pallets and stack products once they are placed in their designated storage area by a forklift.

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    Full Case Pick Module

    A full case pick module utilizes a picking aisle between pallet racks that is used specifically for warehouse staff to gather cases of product by pallet jack without the interference of forklifts. Pallet flow rack can be used to speed up the process.

  • PickModules-03

    Broken Case Pick Module

    Similar to the full case pick module, a broken case pick module also utilizes a designated picking aisle for warehouse staff. In this configuration, another aisle is placed between the storage rack that feeds the picking aisle where staff breaks down pallets into their individual components and places them into some type of bin for easy access.

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    Mechanized Pick Module

    The mechanized pick module is also considered a semi-automated solution for picking. This is the most complex type of standard pick modules because it incorporates conveyor systems and sometimes robotics into one of the other solutions mentioned earlier. Typically, this type of pick module requires a lot of space planning, but is extremely efficient in action because it cuts down on the need for warehouse staff to make multiple trips to and from the picking area.

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