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Guardrails & Partitions

Warehouse Safety: Guardrails & Partitions

The fast-paced environment of today’s warehouses serve as a reflection of the increased need for efficiency during order fulfillment. As the complexities of warehouse systems grow along with the overall size of the warehouse floor, optimal speed of production converges with these heightened conditions to produce many areas of safety concern.

Workplace hazards often go unnoticed until a situation becomes unsafe, or even potentially perilous for employees. Usually, safeguards are not addressed until after a situation proves dangerous to warehouse staff or the facility and product itself. The best way to protect from liability and structural or collateral damages is to plan ahead.

Installing guardrails, barriers and other types of partitions is a simple way to avoid more costly expenditures in the future.

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Guardrail Applications

  • Guardrails+Partitions-01

    Employee protection

  • Guardrails+Partitions-02

    Equipment and facility protection

  • Guardrails+Partitions-03

    Product & Inventory protection

  • Guardrails+Partitions-04

    Structure & office protection

Bollard Applications

  • Guardrails+Partitions-09

    Warehouse rack protection

  • Guardrails+Partitions-10

    Loading dock structure protection and added visibility

  • Guardrails+Partitions-11

    Designated areas in warehouse

Warehouse Partition Applications

  • Guardrails+Partitions-06

    Wire storage partition

  • Guardrails+Partitions-05

    Pedestrian barriers and fall protection rails

  • Guardrails+Partitions-08

    Limited access gates

  • Guardrails+Partitions-07

    Sheet metal partitions and workspace dividers

Questions About Systems & Warehouse Storage?

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