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    Forklift Selection Guide: How to Tell Which Kind of Forklift You Need

    November 15, 2021

    When you are in the market for a forklift, there are several key considerations you need to take into account to ensure you are purchasing the right one. A good place to start your evaluation is by making a list of your requirements and answering the following questions.

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    Importance of Warehouse Efficiency

    November 15, 2021

    Your warehouse is the heart of your business, so operating it efficiently is crucial to your business’s success. In order to maintain productivity, you must know each step of every process in your warehouse, have a firm grasp on your inventory and be able to rise to the challenges of supply chain requirements and compliance regulations.

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    Commercial Floor Cleaning Saves Money on Labor Cost

    November 15, 2021

    You can choose to utilize manual labor or automate cleaning processes using floor cleaning equipment when it comes to keeping your warehouse neat, tidy, organized, and clean. There are pros and cons of both methods you need to weigh carefully to determine how you can save the most money on your labor costs.

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    A Recap of Our Services

    September 06, 2021

    If you’re looking for material handling equipment services in Chicago, turn to Atlas Toyota. We offer superb maintenance and repair services for industrial vehicles and equipment, including forklifts, aerial lifts, cleaning equipment, jacks, pneumatic lifts, and more. We understand how critical this equipment is to your business, which is why we strive to save you time and money with our services.

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    Why Keeping Your Warehouse Organized is Best for Efficiency

    September 04, 2021

    As a warehouse manager, you are responsible for maintaining a steady workflow and ensuring orders are processed quickly. Here’s how keeping your warehouse organized can help you juggle the daily demands:

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