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Why Employee Training is a Must

November 15, 2021

The right equipment is necessary to keep your business moving forward, but without the right operators, your investment in equipment will be wasted capital. That’s why Atlas Toyota Material Handling provides specialized and comprehensive training materials and programs at our four locations in Illinois. Why? Because training is not just important, it’s mandatory.

The Federal OSHA standard 1910.178 requires forklift operators to be fully trained and employer-certified. In order to comply with these regulations, lift truck and forklift operators must complete formal classroom training, practical hands-on training, and an evaluation. At Atlas Toyota, we want to help you create the kind of effective and comprehensive training program that will meet and even exceed OSHA regulations. To that end, we provide specialized and comprehensive training materials and programs, with forklift and aerial work platform operator training programs that include:

  • Operator Training: Applicable for electric, LPG, gasoline, and diesel operated powered industrial trucks, these courses provide formal training in their correct use and safe operating procedures.
  • “Train the Trainer”: We provide training for your future trainers so that you can have dedicated in-house forklift operator safety trainers who can keep your present and future operators compliant with all OSHA regulations.
  • Forklift Technician Training: We offer several levels of training, on topics from operation to maintenance to troubleshooting and more.
  • Online Training: Our training kits make it easy to fit comprehensive training into your employees’ schedule.

At Atlas Toyota Material Handling, we provide training to keep your business not just compliant but also safe and effective. In addition, we carry a wide assortment of forklifts, with four facilities, factory-trained technicians, and a large forklift service fleet that provide 24/7 service throughout Chicagoland. 

For more information, contact us through our website.

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