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Keeping Your Warehouse Safe, Productive, and Compliant

November 15, 2021

Safety and compliance seem to be more complicated by the year. When a warehouse is improperly managed, it can easily become unsafe, which can result in preventable injuries and accidents as well as violations and fines from OSHA. How can you ensure that your employees will understand and comply with best practices when it comes to warehouse safety?

  • Create a checklist to clarify safety expectations, and post it clearly at key places in the warehouse, particularly in areas close to equipment.
  • Set clear minimum safety standards, such as requiring protective gear, reinforcing that safety must be prioritized.
  • Periodically quiz employees on their knowledge of workplace safety.
  • Conduct safety sweeps, walking around your warehouse with the safety checklist in order to verify that safety practices are being consistently maintained.
  • Incentivize training, scheduling periodic training sessions over breakfast or lunch.
  • Reward safe practices, encouraging team members to identify colleagues who excel in promoting safety.
  • Delegate responsibility, establishing a safety committee to empower employees, and assign to this committee the oversight of future training and refresher courses.
  • Post emergency signage, showing employees where to find things like the emergency exits, the closest eyewash station, first-aid kit, or fire extinguisher.

At Atlas Toyota Material Handling, we provide warehousing services that make it easier to create a high-functioning, safe space. We’ll work with you to customize a solution to meet your needs and maximize your warehouse’s organization and efficiency. We also carry a wide assortment of forklifts, with four facilities, factory-trained technicians, and a large forklift service fleet that provide 24/7 service throughout Chicagoland. For more information, contact us through our website.

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