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Benefits of External Industrial Cleaning

November 15, 2021

You may think that spending time and money keeping your parking lot clean is a waste, but studies have found that the external cleanliness of a business is one of the most important factors when customers decide where to shop. A dirty or poorly maintained parking lot could keep customers away and can lead to costlier problems down the line including asphalt deterioration. 

Check out the following benefits of industrial cleaning for the exterior of your business including your parking lot.

  • First Impressions – Most potential customers won’t pay much attention to your parking lot unless it’s noticeably dirty. Whether or not it’s an accurate assumption, they may decide that not taking care of the lot is a bad sign in terms of the business itself.
  • Discouraging Littering – Clean parking lots set the tone for respectful behavior from customers. If there’s already trash on your lot, people may litter and add to it. When everything looks clean and tidy, customers will assume you are paying attention to the outside of your business.
  • Extending the Life of Asphalt – Keeping your parking lot free of dirt and debris reduces blockages in sewers which helps to improve drainage. This prevents puddles and standing water from forming, both of which can deteriorate asphalt. Clean surfaces are also free of harmful toxins and chemicals which improve the longevity and durability of the surface.
  • Protection from Lawsuits – Your parking lot is considered a part of your business, which means you are liable if someone gets hurt in it. Clean lots can help prevent accidents like slips, trips, and falls. You want your customers and employees to be safe, so making sure there are no unwanted hazards is important.

It’s also important to keep the inside of your business clean for many of the same reasons. 

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